Usbekische Zwickmühle : Staatsnationalismus und Auslandsusbeken

TitleUsbekische Zwickmühle : Staatsnationalismus und Auslandsusbeken
Publication TypeJournal Article
AuthorsFumagalli, M.
Journal titleOsteuropa
Pages237 - 244

The Uzbek Quandary : state nationalism and Uzbeks abroad After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the fear of ethnic conflicts in Central Asia was widespread. All of the states are home to population groups that belong to the titular nation of a neighbouring state. The Uzbeks abroad are the largest such group. But Uzbekistan does not see itself as their protective power; it sees these Uzbeks as citizens of other states or even as Islamic terrorists.The Uzbeks of Kyrgyzstan are disappointed by authoritarian Uzbekistan. As bad as their situation is, at least in Kyrgyzstan they can express their displeasure.


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